Tagboard, the snuggly blanket Riot Games refuses to do a production without

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Storyteller Hosts

Storyteller Host Kristen Rogers

Kristen Rodgers

Kristen is forever on the hunt for telling a great story. Before joining Tagboard, Kristen was a sports anchor and host in Philadelphia and Oregon for close to a decade, covering some of the biggest events from Super Bowls to NCAA Tournaments to NBA Playoffs. Now, Kristen is using her own experiences to help shape how our clients tell their own stories on those same stages. But, she can’t stay away from a mic for too long. Kristen also helps to host #Storyteller, featuring those agents of change telling their own stories across sports, media and entertainment.

Sky Muller

Sky is a Sports Anchor turned media support guru and Storyteller Executive Producer. After close to 6 years in front of the camera as a Sports Anchor in Oregon, Sky jumped behind the scenes and joined Tagboard as a Client Success Manager. Over the last few years Sky has used his background in TV to serve Tagboard’s top clients in the media & entertainment space. That includes helping support and power tagboard onto broadcasts such as the Super Bowl, World Cup, March Madness Final Four and the entertainment industry’s red carpet events. In addition to his work serving our clients, Sky also co-hosts and acts as the executive producer for Tagboard’s content series #Storyteller. The #Storyteller series highlights content creators who are leading the charge in interactive storytelling across media, sports and entertainment.

Seth Gillitzer

Seth joined Tagboard with nearly 8 years of hands-on creative production experience, much of which was spent as a producer at NFL Media. On his rise from Intern to AP he became a daily user and champion of the Tagboard platform, integrating social media into the live television broadcast to create the most seamless social integration in sports television. Now as a member of the Tagboard client success team, Seth continues to spend his days ideating, and bringing to life Tagboard backed activations on the biggest sports and media stages in the world.

Storyteller Host Christine Chalk

Christine Chalk

Christine joined Tagboard as a three-time Emmy Award-winning producer from a local news station in Seattle and quickly helped redefine what “client success” means. As the VP of Professional and Creative Services, Christine oversees delivering on not just client success, but directing marketing and production for our flagship show #Storyteller, and our team of expert producers who help produce for tentpole events across the nation.