Success Stories in Fan Engagement with College Football Playoff’s Katie Cavender

Fan Engagement Success Stories with Katie Cavender

Fan Engagement: Winning the battle for the entertainment dollar starts with creating an unforgettable fan experience. The team at the College Football Playoff (CFP) are doing this very well, and they’re doing it on a year round basis. College Football Playoff’s Assistant Director of Communications and Branding, Katie Cavender, joined us on #Storyteller and shares how the CFP is creating memorable experiences for fans in-person and across the globe.

What college football fans really love, I’ve come to find, is having ownership and access.

Katie Cavender – College FOotball Playoff Assistant Director of Communications & branding

Plus, as a leader in the #SMSports community, and a mentor for so many content creators, Katie shares what it’s like to guide the next generation of storytellers. Watch the broadcast on-demand below, and if you’re interested in seeing how Tagboard and the College Football Playoff have teamed up in the past you’ll want to read this.

Keys to fan engagement on-site or in venue:

At National Championships game we are lucky that we don’t just have our game but we have ancillary events. They don’t just speak to the local community but also people coming from out of town to have touches of the CFP wherever they go. We have a 5k, a foodie event, playoff central is a big football amusement park, and we have a free concert series with some A list talents. What college football fans really love, I’ve come to find, is having ownership and access. So being able to provide fans through the social experience, whether they’re local or came in from out of town, that access and ownership as part of their experience. To capture that memory for years to come, they’ll always think back to when the CFP was in town for a national championship that’s super important as a priority for us. 

Value you see from using Tagboard:

You guys really help provide that platform for us to be able to empower those fans to have the ownership and access in those events. That is really important and creates those memories for them. You also help us build that bridge for the millions of fans who aren’t as lucky to be in the host city for the National Championship who are still celebrating the pinnacle of the College Football season wherever they are across the globe. Tagboard provides that opportunity to connect with them and tell that story, and see everything that is happening around that big celebration of college football.

Activation that helped achieve your business objectives:

We’re proud of all our partnerships and have done a lot. With Twitter we did a tweet suite, that TJ Adeshola was involved with. We worked with them this year on the front page tweets initiative. Fans could submit a hashtag, we curated tweets from those submissions and actually printed newspapers that were distributed postgame for the team, but then also sent to those folks who submitted them. We did great stuff with Instagram and their playmakers program.

One in particular as it relates to business objective. In New Orleans in 2020 we partnered with Nike and Snapchat in an AR activation. We had murals created by local artists in New Orleans area to really embrace that scene. When a fan would scan the murals with Snap or the CFP mobile app they would get some curated content that was specific to that team. Scan LSU mural and OBJ would say Go Tigers. Once you scanned all 4 murals you would unlock a badge, then it would unlock a code you could take to a local sneaker store and enter to win an exclusive pair of AF1’s.

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