Local and national news outlets turn to Tagboard to generate stronger engagement and more authentic storytelling. Through cloud graphics, interactive overlays, and real-time social content, newsrooms of any size can crowdsource content and not miss a beat as they broadcast across digital, linear, OTT, and FAST channels.


Engagement that sweeps your competition

Bring the community into your broadcast through QR codes, interactive polls, or heatmaps and give them a voice in your storytelling

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Be the first to break news

Tap into the richest sources of digital content and bring breaking news, viewer questions, or audience opinions to air in seconds

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Reimagine your rundown during elections, sweeps, or daily coverage

As broadcasters put their creative minds together on how to better connect with the world’s most distracted audience, our team of Emmy-winning producers crafted a list of ways to help out and reimagine your rundown.

Grab landslide wins with interactive broadcasts

CBS Chicago captures real-time reactions

When looking for the fastest way to bring viewer reactions into their broadcast, CBS Chicago discovered there’s no quicker source than Tagboard. Producer Zak Spector says it became part of their planning process in the morning news meeting.

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News12 sees thousands of scans and goes all in on QR

The first time News 12 put a QR code on their broadcast they anticipated about 500 scans, a few hours later there was so much traffic it almost took down the website.

QR codes play big role for broadcasters

Embrace a multiplatform mindset

Create interactive content that encourages collaboration between linear and digital to grow your existing platforms and launch new channels with your existing resources

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Make good on monetization

Introduce new sponsorship packages that bring brands into your broadcast in unique ways that connect with your distracted audience and don’t conflict with editorial practices

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