Tagboard is an Emmy-nominated audience experience platform designed to help storytellers in sports, news, and entertainment produce the most engaging content in the world with a fraction of the resources required by traditional graphics systems.

Less hardware More storytelling

Drastically reduce the resources and complexity required to bring live content to any screen, and do it from anywhere.

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Things that we’re producing are every bit as good as using a big control room with a very robust staff. And we’re doing it with a fraction of the people at a fraction of the cost.

Catherine Chan-Smith Sr. Director of Social Integration

Dominate distractions Engage everyone

Leverage a full suite of interactive tools to create memorable experiences that keep your audiences engaged longer and sharing wider.

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Tagboard has taken our live production to a new level. We’re moving beyond viewership to participation.

Dustyn Blindert Sr. New Media Producer

Unleash your sponsorship unicorn

100X your initial investment through unique branded activations that go beyond another logo slap and produce cross-channel advertising packages – monetize those eyes.

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In sponsorship, there are certain things that you can do that will make you 100x what they cost. For us, Tagboard is at that level

Alon Cohen SVP of Research & Development

Who is Tagboard for

Your ticket to producing championship content

Fan the flames on audience engagement: Create memorable fan experiences with a full suite of interactive tools that turn any screen into a two-way communication device

Gameplan year-round content: Leverage existing resources to launch new productions across linear, digital, OTT, FAST, and more without drowning teams in upfront costs and complexity

Score big with new sponsorship opportunities: Create unique cross-channel advertising packages and unlock new production channels

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Time to shake up the rundown

Primetime audience engagement: Leverage QR codes, interactive polls, heatmaps, and more to keep your audience engaged and loyal.

Be the first to break news: Curate across the richest sources of digital content and bring the voice of your viewers to air in seconds.

Reveal your sources: Launch new channels across linear, digital, OTT, FAST, and more while growing sponsorship opportunities overnight with your existing resources

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Take action on award-winning content

Shine the spotlight on engagement: Make any screen a two-way communication device with a full cast of interactive tools like QR codes, and interactive polls

Star-studded storytelling: Capture reactions to viral moments as they happen with access to the richest sources of digital content in real-time

Best-in-show branded activations: Introduce new sponsorship packages that bring brands into your productions in unique ways that truly connect with your audience

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Your content foundation to engage every generation

Leave the logoslap behind: Produce unique campaigns that truly engage your audience in a seamless experience

Stream with any team: Lean into lightweight production and launch new channels (linear, digital, OTT, FAST) and sponsorship opportunities without upfront costs and complexity

See heROIc Returns: Real-time graphics analytics that measures engagement directly from the source

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Crank up the volume on your audience experience

Turn on the lightweight productions: Create fast & lean production workflows with an intuitive platform that doesn’t require years of broadcast background

Engagement deserving of an encore: Evolve your live show into living programming through an interactive set headlined by QR codes and interactive polls

Showstopping sponsorship integration: Measure sponsor ROI with access to real-time graphics analytics and achieve a better understanding of your audience

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Is ROI important to you?

“There are some things that you do and you’re like, ‘God, that was so easy’. I’m almost shocked at how big an impact it has.”

Alon Cohen SVP Research & Development, UFC

“Tagboard has been a linchpin in allowing our teams across various platforms to work together. The synergy has been created because of the tools and technology that Tagboard has allowed us to use and has offered.”

Chris Vaccaro VP of Digital News 12

“Our resources are not multiplying the same way as our content needs to be produced. But by using Tagboard it definitely helps us create more content better, faster.”

Zach Saile Director of Tech Production NFL Media

With Tagboard your barrier for entry is small. That accessibility is huge, especially when you look at other graphic systems that are on the market. You almost need a degree sometimes to operate those.”

Ricardo Perez-Selsky Sr. Director of Digital Production Operations at Fox Sports

“It becomes the way we cover something because we know that we’ll be integrating Tagboard in the product itself and into the show itself. And we’re also able to have people’s posts on right away. Immediately.”

Zak Spector TV News Producer

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Accomplishing tasks that we’ve executed in the past have become much more dynamic and efficient.

Dustyn Blindert Sr. New Media Producer

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“Tagboard helped us really tie together our social and the broadcast.”

Simon Moss Global Citizen Co-Founder

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