#Storyteller: Bonus Episode with Giving Tuesday’s Kathleen Murphy

Giving Tuesday is a movement that involves brands and celebrities from around the globe. But every movement needs someone to tell its story, to inspire people to get involved. Kathleen Murphy Toms and the team at Giving Tuesday have been leading this charge.

In this bonus episode of #Storyteller, she sits down to share her background, why the story is so important when it comes to community organizing, and how Giving Tuesday has become such a cultural phenomenon.



On building a community with social media:

So when we were first thinking about Giving Tuesday, some of the questions we were asking ourselves is, what does community look like in an age where there are really no boundaries? In this age of social media, what does it look like if people all over the world can connect around something.


On donor fatigue:

So we don’t actually believe in donor fatigue. We think it’s a myth. There is such a thing as bad messaging, that’s probably the only thing that donors are fatigued by. People are craving a moment to give. And if that’s the number one thing that Giving Tuesday has done, it has changed the conversation about generosity.


On making your story stand out:

I think your story also has to be unexpected. Storytelling is such a buzzword. You have to use your story to stand out. Tell your story from an unexpected perspective that somebody wouldn’t anticipate. Use unique framing. It has to stand out or it’s going to get lost in the noise.


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