The Arizona Bowl does it differently than the rest

The Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl is a game with a goal. They are unique in that they give 100% of their net proceeds to charity. An incredible campaign, but not the only giving going on around their bowl game. When their game airs on December 30th in Tucson, AZ, they’ll also be giving the broadcast industry a look at what the future of college football bowl games can look like. The Vice President of Communications for the Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl, Eric Rhodes, joined us on #Storyteller to share what interactivity and innovation we might see on the only college football bowl game that won’t be produced by a traditional broadcast network.

Your world {Tagboard} mixed with our world {Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl} can become a pretty amazing experience for the fan both at home and in the stadium.

Eric Rhodes – VP of Communications, Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl

Eric dives into alternative streams, interactive productions, and how their broadcast will be the most widely available livestream this bowl season. Watch the broadcast on-demand above and let us know what you think on Twitter or LinkedIn. Afterward, check out how other college football bowl games are leveling up their storytelling and fan engagement.

Alt-streams during bowl game

The Barstool personalities all have their own channels, their own networks, and we’re really excited to not just have one broadcast but closer to the multicast, like the Manningcast on ESPN, on several different channels. Caleb and Rone will be on the sidelines doing their own things. The possibilities are infinite, which is slightly terrifying from an administrative standpoint, but we’re really excited because nobody else is doing it.

Engaging a distracted audience

One thing that was unfortunate about our bowl game being canceled last year was we were going to try a lot of things. We’re in a unique position to do that because we’re a little ahead, so we can try some stuff that might not work, or it could be a massive hit and becomes the way everyone else does it too. The second screen is so prevalent with everyone on their devices. With today’s attention spans, we’re going to try things that will keep you engaged.

Enhancing the fan experience

Your world {Tagboard} mixed with our world {Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl} can become a pretty amazing experience for the fan both at home and in stadium. What we’re all about is providing a fantastic experience for our conference partners, teams playing in the game, and also our fans. We want them talking about Tucson, we want them talking about the Arizona Bowl, and if they’re unable to make it to say “man, sometime we need to get out there”. People like Tagboard can help us facilitate that no matter where the fan is watching from.


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