AI in Broadcast workflows and Cloud Collaboration with Adobe

Through AI, Adobe is empowering creatives around the world to buy back time and create new content at incredible speeds. Eliza Tan, Product Ecosystem Manger for Creative Cloud Video at Adobe, joins us on Storyteller to go in-depth on what industry pain points Adobe is looking to solve, highlight the Tagboard and Adobe collaboration, and share fun personal stories, like her dad’s fast rise to 70k+ followers on TikTok.

Eliza shared tons of expert insights on the video ecosystem within Adobe, in addition to some fun stories that highlight her passion for editing and video creation. We’ve highlighted a few below, but you’ll want to listen to the full episode to not miss a beat.

AI for workflow efficiencies

With how much content is being produced daily, there is an industry need to automate a lot of manual processes. How do we find it easier? How do we get it out to the world faster? And that’s where really the video ecosystem is so valuable. For Adobe, what’s really top of mind right now is how even AI has a role to play in automating a lot of these manual processes. We’re asking questions like, how do we enhance collaboration? How do we, automate manual tasks? How do we really give back time to the creative to do real creative things? These are themes that Adobe is very much committed to and committed to innovating in.

Editing as an escape

In college I was in a car accident my sophomore year, and had a minor concussion. What the nurse told me was, do not look at screens, which meant not going to any classes. In my head, I was like this is great, I have a whole week off of classes to send editing. So I spent the entire week in Adobe Premier, editing. Looking at a screen the whole time. But I was so happy because I had all that time off to work on my video that played later in the week. So editing has always been an escape for me.

Dad, the TikTok star

During the pandemic, my dad started making TikTok videos. His followers quickly skyrocketed to 73-thousand. Just a middle aged Malaysian dude doing making videos. He’s a life coach and consultant and he makes videos that he wants to. Now I can have conversations with him, insert insights from my work, and hear his pain points with using Premier. I can hear pain points from friends who use the platform, and then I still use the platform for personal editing, so everything together seamlessly comes together to tell a whole end to end narrative of the customer experience within the Adobe video ecosystem.