Twitter’s Sarah Rosen Shares Secrets to Monetizing Content While Energizing Your Audience

Sarah Rosen of Twitter: Shares Secrets to Monetizing Content: News, entertainment and sports brands are grabbing more eyeballs and engagement through partnerships with Twitter. Twitter’s Sr. Director & Head of US Content Partnerships, Sarah Rosen, joined us on #Storyteller and shared tips on how you can build an engaged digital audience and monetize your content.

“Twitter lights up. Everyone is talking about it. People tune in because it’s driving massive FOMO.”

Sarah Rosen – Sr. Director & Head of US Content Partnerships at Twitter

Sarah Rosen on Achieving your business objectives & monetizing content:

Number one above all is you have to be authentic to your brand and your brand voice. Twitter users are smart, they can sniff out BS really quick and they’re not afraid to call you on it. So the key to success is being true to who you are. The reason brands are successful on Twitter is because they’ve built a voice and they stay true to that voice. Number two is being conversational. Fans want to hear from you, they want to have a conversation with you, they have opinions. For you to be part of those conversations with your fans only serves to build those fandoms deeper, and make your users that much more dedicated to your brand.

Latest best practices with engagement on Twitter:

Twitter Spaces are huge, and I only think we’ll see more in the audio world. It’s an interesting and quite natural way to consume the content on Twitter. We’ve moved away from longer form livestreams and are really more focused on short realtime content, because we’ve gotten better at understanding what’s going to perform and what works on Twitter. People want short snack-able content, they want to catch up on what’s happening and move along and keep scrolling.

Bloomberg is innovating well on Twitter:

Aside from being really quick to publish realtime updates, they leverage a variety of formats across Twitter. They do a ton of Spaces. They play around with Twitter Moments a lot in a really impactful way. They leverage a variety of handles they own across business, politics, crypto, technology. They are authoritative in their voice, they are able to explain complex topics in a short and succinct way which really resonates with the Twitter audience. They leverage data, info graphics, and data visualizations in a way that helps everyone understand what they’re trying to communicate and what’s going on realtime in the world. I just think they’re really impressive as a content partner on Twitter.

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