#Storyteller: Episode 116 with Kansas City Chiefs’ Anna Tobkin

We are just days away from an unprecedented NFL Draft, that will be produced from home offices and living rooms around the country, for fans who will all be watching from their couches. Anna Tobkin has been instrumental in planning this unique remote coverage, as a Producer at the Kansas City Chiefs.

“People are online now more than ever,” said Tobkin. “We’ve seen that aspect grow in that we have more of a platform to reach people on social media than we ever have before, especially in this time of year which is normally a lull for us.”

In this episode of #Storyteller, Anna shares how the team is preparing for a remote draft. Plus, she takes us inside the Chief’s Super Bowl season.

On a new audience for a remote draft: 

There’s definitely an audience there that was never there before. In terms of people wanting the content, they’re definitely going to be watching. So we’re just trying to fill that with whatever we can, and for us the big thing is going to be live streaming pre and post draft.

On listening to your audience:

The best thing you can do is give the fans what they want, what they’re causing for…the audience loves press conferences. Which in a live tv setting, I want it to be fast paced, and move, move, move. But I’ve learned by listening and watching how the audience builds that people want to hear from Patrick  [Mahomes] for 10 minutes…The people want that. So we’ve changed our script so much just based on audience.

On the Chief’s Super Bowl run:

It’s very easy to be down when you’re down 24-0 in the first quarter. We all had to keep in our minds it’s our job to keep the fans in it. It’s our job to keep them excited and ready. So we did that. We kept pumping out content, and we kept pumping out hype videos…And of course Pat [Mahomes]  did what Pat does and turns the game around in an instant. When we scored 28 points in the second quarter of the Houston game, that was when I knew something special is going to happen here.

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