Produce With Power

Production teams that are equipped with data have a lot more power to engage and monetize their audiences. Tagboard is revolutionizing the media industry’s ability to understand engagement data across their key properties allowing news, sports, and entertainment companies of any size to see when, where, and how audiences interact with their content.

QR Code Analytics

Know your audience

Improve your viewer and fan engagement, using QR analytics to understand audience habits and optimize your graphic designs to maximize the engagement numbers.

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Audience Engagement

Create deeper engagement

Inject data into your editorial decision making, and start understanding the impact that different call-to-actions and graphic design styles have on your end result.

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Sell value, not inventory

Drastically expand your sponsorship ROI with data analytics that give you all the insights you need to properly package and sell the results.

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We help 500+ of the world's largest brands engage with their audiences everyday

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