#Storyteller: Episode 112 with Crimson Tide Productions’ Alex Seiver

Alex Seiver went from being a University of Alabama student and walk-on athlete, to one of the masterminds behind the athletic department’s creative content. Seiver is the Director of Video production at Crimson Tide Productions is the multimedia component of the University’s athletic department. He oversees the entire video process, from content you see on social media, to livestreams, to the jumbotron.

In this episode of #Storyteller, Alex walks through his storytelling approach and how they are using access as a differentiator in their content.



On getting creative to show players’ personalities:

With the shift in college football toward the early signing period in December, a lot of those student athletes, they’re sending in their letters of intent before they’re actually enrolled at the university. So we didn’t have those opportunities to talk to them and conduct interviews. So we said okay, how can we showcase their personalities, how can we let fans know a little bit about them. Obviously we show their high school highlights and that’s great and everything, and hat shows who they are on the field. But obviously it doesn’t do a good job of showcasing their personalities. So this year we worked with you guys at Tagboard and worked with our social media team here, and went through and found a couple of Tweets and Instagram Posts from every guy. It was a really great opportunity to show that little bit of personality that we could, and use the things that those athletes are putting out there.


On using access as a differentiator:

Obviously with it being a weekly show, the challenge that we sort of face is okay, we can’t just do a recap of the football game that happened on Saturday. By the time that everybody sees this, it’s several days old at that point. And in this day in age, several days might as well be years. So what do we do that’s different? The answer that we’ve come up with is access. What happened on the locker room? What happened on the sideline? What were the guys saying after he caught the touchdown and he came back and was talking to his teammates? That’s kind of the niche we’ve found in that area and we’ve had a lot of success there. It’s been a lot of fun.


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