Easy, safe, & quick.

Tagboard is the best way to experience the great content from the social networks you already know and love.


Block offensive or negative content, and use keyword filters to automatically remove or promote posts.


You can retweet, reply, comment, and like, right from your tagboard.


Select the best posts to show without worry of unwanted content ruining the experience.

One tagboard, many faces.

The Tagboard platform is centralized and designed for multiple, simultaneous displays; mobile or projected, tagboard.com or yourdomain.com.

Tagboard Live

Extend your reach and activate your audience with integrated social displays, powered by Tagboard Live.

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Display a hashtag posts from all the major social networks in one embedded view.

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Close the loop by notifying users that they've been featured. Set automatic or manual replies with Twitter and Instagram.

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“If the hashtag is the new URL, Tagboard is building the next generation’s browser.”
Chris Messina
Inventor of the Hashtag

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