Tagboard and Heymarket Partner to Unlock New Level of Real-Time Engagement for Broadcasters

Laptop with Tagboard cloud graphics on screen

Tagboard x Heymarket: We all use text messaging constantly in our daily lives – from sharing spontaneous moments with friends and family to chatting about tonight’s game. Text messaging is used universally – even more frequently than the fastest-growing social platforms. And yet to date, it has largely been left off broadcasts and livestreams.

Today we’re thrilled to announce a direct integration partnership with Heymarket, a leading conversational messaging platform. The integration allows any enterprise media producer to feature text messages, images, videos, GIFs, emojis, and other conversational content on-air using Tagboard’s platform.

“We find that communicating with our audience through a more personalized experience like text messaging generates stronger engagement and more authentic storytelling.”


Content creators and producers can crowdsource better stories, engage in one-to-one messaging with viewers, and create stronger engagement than purely relying on social channels.

How Heymarket text messages can help fuel better stories

With growing competition for audience attention, it’s more important than ever for broadcast and news organizations to experiment with new content formats to engage viewers on their platforms of choice. For traditional broadcast or local news stations, this evolution can’t happen quickly enough.

Telling stories live and in real-time requires an easy way to highlight where the conversation takes place. Our latest integration with Heymarket allows producers to engage with their entire audience on a more personal level by messaging and co-creating stories that truly capture the voice of their community – going from text to screen in seconds.

Illustration that depicts the UI/UX workflow integration of Tagboard and Heymarket
Bring texts to screen in seconds with Tagboard’s intuitive drag-and-drop workflow

Broadcast stations and media partners are able to crowdsource and tell stories in a much more powerful and organic way. They can also bring the personal stories of viewers into their live productions without the legal hurdles often required to share user-generated content.

“Conversational messaging has quickly become a cornerstone of any audience engagement strategy,” said Manav Monga, co-founder and Head of Product Management at Heymarket. “And yet to date, the reality is that broadcast producers haven’t had the tools they need to drive measurable engagement with their viewers on one of the most popular channels. We’re thrilled to partner with Tagboard to enable producers to bring conversational content to life on screens using this best-in-class integration.”

With Tagboard and Heymarket, viewers can interact and comment in real-time as they watch their favorite sporting event, news show, or livestream – with producers able to immediately surface that content and incorporate it into the stories they are producing. By tapping into the conversations that are already happening online and now in messaging, media partners are able to invite viewers to participate in the story and in essence have them act as co-reporters.

TEGNA, which operates 64 television stations in 51 U.S. markets, is a long-standing partner of Tagboard and the first major media partner to bring the integrated experience with Heymarket into their production workflow.

“Tagboard’s integration with Heymarket allows our local producers around the country to connect on a one-to-one level with our entire audience,” said VP of Digital Content Joanie Vasiliadis at TEGNA. “We find that communicating with our audience through a more personalized experience like text messaging generates stronger engagement and more authentic storytelling. Because of that, it’s a leading form of engagement in our newsroom.”

We all know a great story when we experience one. They are memorable, surprising, and capture our imagination, but we don’t always connect with them in a personal way or feel like we have a voice in the story. Together with TEGNA, Heymarket, and our growing network of media partners, we hope to change that.