Tagboard Go: Why Stay Tethered to Your Computer?

You’re a news producer. It’s 10 minutes til the 5 o’clock news starts. A story is breaking across the country and you need footage, but you’re running around without your laptop to find it so you can bring it to air.

You’re a game day producer for a pro sports team. It’s halftime. You saw hundreds of fans with their phones out as one of the most amazing plays unfolded. You’re on your way back up to the control room and need to get that content on screen.

You’re a digital marketer. You’re scrolling through Twitter and see a great post of a customer using your product that you want to feature in your latest UGC campaign, but you’re in the car (clearly, in the passenger seat because you wouldn’t be on your phone while you’re driving).

The folks that we work with at Tagboard are busy because they have very real deadlines and content they need to bring on-screen. The opportunity to leverage social content is greatest in-the-moment, and when you’re in the moment, you don’t always have the luxury of sitting down at your desk. If you wait until you are, you might not have time, you might forget to save the post, or you might forget where you saw it.

Well, now there’s an app for that.

Introducing Tagboard Go

We’re excited to introduce Tagboard Goputting the power of Tagboard in your pocket.

Tagboard Go allows anyone with an iPhone or iPad to feature content directly from the native apps they use every day, all on the fly.

From Live Events and Web Displays:

“Tagboard Go makes it much easier to discover, vet, and feature content on the fly. If you have an iPhone, you can enjoy your event from the floor while keeping your tagboard updated with the best content straight from your preferred social platform’s app. There is no longer a need to anchor yourself to a computer to keep your tagboard fresh” — Michael Dixon, Event and Web Experiences Success Lead at Tagboard

To Broadcast Production:

“So many producers are working in the field, on set, and on the go. These are the people who inspired Tagboard Go. It will eliminate the need to be tethered to your computer. Now you can take Tagboard in your pocket and produce live anywhere you are.” — Christine Borrmann, Broadcast Success Lead at Tagboard

And Live Sports Events:

“Tagboard Go is a tool built for game days. When things get crazy like we know they do, and you’re running around the stadium, this new mobile app will allow you approve content on the fly while you’re interacting with fans on social already.” — Daniel Braun, Sports Success Lead at Tagboard

How it Works:

Simply download Tagboard Go from the iOS store on your iPhone or iPad and follow the simple instructions in the video above. And if you have an iPad, you can now drag and drop content directly from Twitter and Instagram directly into the app, making it easier than ever to feature content.

If you’re a Tagboard client, you can download the app now and get started today. If you’re not a Tagboard client, what are you waiting for? Request a Demo at tagboard.com.