Efficient production helps MLB Network shine on deadline

Efficient production with Tagboard and MLB

Efficient production with Tagboard: Trade deadlines are like homework assignments, you know in advance when they’re due but no major work gets finalized until you’re up against it. This was the case once again as the Major League Baseball rumor mill spun up some real life trades ahead of their August 2nd deadline.

The flurry of action is fun for fans, but for those working on-air and behind the scenes in control rooms across the country, it’s all out chaos. Scripts are non-existent, rundowns are but a false sense of organization, and everyone is on their toes ready to react. It’s why in these scenarios having the most efficient production workflow will save a show, and is absolutely necessary. When reading articles about who won the deadline you’ll probably see a lot of posts about the Padres, but for MLB Network anchor Robert Flores the answer was Tagboard.

Efficient Production with Tagboard and Twitter

Sports news breaks on Twitter. Industry insiders work their connections to be the first to tweet the next blockbuster deal. Tuesday morning, Jon Morosi was among the first to report the deal of the day with Juan Soto being dealt to the San Diego Padres. Seconds after Morosi tweeted the news, MLB Network producers used Tagboard’s cloud production platform to feature and display it on the broadcast, breaking the news to their viewers before many probably even saw the original tweet.

MLB insider Jon Morosi breaks the Juan Soto trade on-air with his tweet displayed as a lower third

News continued to break throughout the day and the producers at MLB Network were efficient while featuring nearly 100 posts from morning until the 6pm EST trade deadline passed. With non-stop content being pushed out across their linear and digital channels, it was a world class showing from the network on one of their biggest non-postseason days of the year. They kept their viewers informed down to the second, did right by their title sponsors on a tentpole broadcast, and showed the power of telling contextual stories with speed. Which when it’s done right, we all win.

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