Behind-the-Scenes on the biggest stage in College Football

College Football Playoff: For fans watching from home, the College Football Playoff (CFP) is a one night celebration. For fans making the trip to Inglewood, CA to attend in person, it’s a multi-day event that the CFP hopes you’ll remember for years to come. From media day, to a concert series, and Championship Tailgate, the College Football Playoff offers an interactive fan experience from start to finish. As CFP Director of Communications and Branding, Katie Cavender, told us on #Storyteller, the role Tagboard plays in it all is amplifying the fan experience both in person, and for those watching from all over the world. Let’s take a look at where Tagboard got involved in the CFP experience this year.

Using QR to make your audience the QB

QR codes are a great way to put your fans in control and have them call the shots. They are a prominent figure at the CFP experience with QR codes directing fans to the CFP app for polling during concerts, tailgating, and in-game activations. 

college football playoff tagboard behind the scenes
college football playoff tagboard qr codes

College Football Playoff Driving the social conversation from SoFi

Every step of the way College Football Playoff fans were encouraged to join the conversation and share their experience across all digital platforms. This avenue helps bridge the gap between fans in attendance and those cheering on their teams from around the world. Highlighting the conversation on massive screens around the stadium brings fans from all over to the biggest stage in college football.

college football playoff at&t concert series powered by tagboard

Powering the Infinity Screen

One of the marquee features of the newly built SoFi Stadium is the 80-million pixels Infinity Screen that sits 122 feet above the field. Throughout the course of the College Football Playoff National Championship game fans can look to the screen to witness instant replays, fan cams, live stats, and of course a few interactive Tagboard activations.

college football playoff infinity screen powered by tagboard
infinity screen powered by tagboard 2

From countdown to kickoff, fans showed off their school colors, saw themselves on one of the biggest stadium screens, and participated in-game polling activations. All of it added to the celebration and fan experience.

The College Football Playoff is the biggest stage in College Football, and they do a great job of integrating multiple elements to make the fan experience match the moment. This is a strong blueprint to follow for generating a memorable fan experience that can last a lifetime.

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