#Storyteller: Episode 109 with Telemundo’s Gustavo Granados

Gus Granados leads the digital, social, and video production team at Telemundo. He is a storytelling expert behind many of the network’s campaigns, and has developed unique programming for US Hispanic and LATAM markets.

“To be a storyteller you have to be able to connect with people, listen actively, and reflect, and connect, and discuss and chat,” said Granados, the VP of Video Programming and Production at Telemundo. “That is going to give you the opportunities to tell stories because if you’re listening to people, they’re giving you, without knowing it, ideas of things that can build into a feature.”

In this special bilingual episode of #Storyteller, he walks through how to connect with an audience, the key to his career success, and how he became a viral superstar.



On how to pull audiences into your own platform:

The biggest thing I see is again, how factioned audiences are now in where they consume content. They go everywhere for everything. Ultimately, what you’re trying to do is you’re going to try to drive everyone back to your own, proper websites. This is where you eat the whole thing. I’m giving you the little appetizers but, if you want the big tomahawk steak, with the nice truffle fries you’ve got to come to my house. Out there I’ll give you little appetizers. A little spare ribs, little things out there. But at the end of the day, the big steak is here and that’s what you want. You generate the conversation out there, but the scarcity of the true product lives within our own platform, and that’s the key to it.


On marketing using real-time digital:

That’s the beauty about digital and social audiences. It’s real time. It’s a true 1:1 ratio. You will automatically know if your content is failing. First of all, how you’re promoting it. If you’re getting the right interactions in terms of click -through content. That’s your number one. Are you marketing correctly? If they get in, now you’re truly measuring the time they’re spending with the content. It’s true, they started off and within three seconds, they’re gone. So you know your completion rate is zero to 100 percent. And that will tell you how efficient your content storytelling is. So number one is how you market it. The second one is how you’re connecting that tissue across the story to see how people are consuming it. 


On getting the right talent: 

Nowadays users connect with people across all different platforms. And they buy into them not because they’re a traditional anchor, but because they mean something. They’re an expert at a subject matter. So if i’m viewing a livestream of the Latin Billboards, and I’m watching the Telemundo anchors that we have on our digital and our social platforms, you know that our anchors are experts. I can relate to him so, I know he is speaking the real thing. You know growing up, when we were consuming news at a much younger age, we had to live with what you see is what you get. It was, this guy’s a journalist from X magazine and you had to take it for granted. There weren’t that many chances to connect. Nowadays, you have a lot more. So that’s the key to it is really having the people who can connect that voice of the audience, with the people that you’re interviewing. 


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