Tagboard Releases New Production Possibilities

Illustration showing a stylized mockup of the Tagboard UI and new Tagboard updates

Expand your imagination with new Tagboard Graphics update

As the world of production and storytelling becomes more complex, Tagboard releases new platform updates to enhance UX and cultivate new possibilities for live production.

With this release, Tagboard users now have the ability to effortlessly build dynamic graphic packages that weave more engaging content and graphics together into their productions.

Tagboard Updates: So What’s New

Tagboard updates showing new UX image 1
Seamless drag and drop layering of graphic templates

Multi-layered graphics! That’s what…

In this update, anything from animations, logos, and text will have the capability of being grouped together into a multi-layered graphic. The best part? This provides better organization, easier processes, and more customization— all while reducing the need for additional software.

Tagboard updates showing new UX image 2
Preview your graphic grouping before sending it live

Prior to this release, users of Tagboard were limited to bringing only single graphics to air at a given time. Most often this required  multiple instances of Tagboard Producer across several tabs. We listened and we heard your feedback! 

We are proud to share that with these Tagboard updates, users will now have more options than ever to choose from when bringing their productions live, and grouping multiple graphics together will be one of them!

Bring your name fonts, lower thirds, and QR codes to screen all at the same time from the same production!  With this release, Tagboard introduces new & improved functionality, which enhances your ability to do more storytelling with less hardware.  

Build multi-layered L-bars, dynamic full screens, and the world’s most engaging graphic packages, all without leaving your browser window.

Tagboard updates showing new UX image 3
Make edits to your graphics and update them live within seconds

What’s Next

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Winter is coming, and we have a series of Tagboard updates to keep your #storytelling hot and your engagement even hotter! We envision features that allow you to know exactly who, what, when and why your audience is engaging. #StayTuned

Interested in bringing your content to life with multi-layered graphics?  Click here for a quick tut