Tagboard Enhances Social Polling Suite

As the world continues to shift, we know you are constantly evolving the ways you connect with your audiences. While in-person events are on hiatus, people are craving new ways to interact with each other from their own homes, perhaps now more than ever before.  

Today we are excited to expand Tagboard’s social polling suite, to empower producers to harness the collective opinion of your audience and bring those unique voices into your programming. Real-time polling is a great way to encourage your audience to interact with you, your content, and other viewers, whether you’re just inciting some friendly competition among fans, garnering the pulse of your audience, or letting viewers help you drive your coverage.

These expanded polling options are the newest addition to Tagboard’s production suite, and can be used right within Tagboard Producer’s familiar drag and drop workflow.


Native Twitter Polls

On a network built for real-time reactions, Twitter Polls offer simple one-click voting for your audience. We’ve heard from many of our partners across media, sports, and entertainment, that they are already leveraging Twitter Polls with great success. Now you can visualize the real-time results using Tagboard.  

Producers have the flexibility to seamlessly customize the Twitter Poll visualization, including design options and fullscreen or lower third layouts. In just a few clicks of the mouse, you can quickly and easily display results that update in real-time across any connected screen. 

The innovative team at NFL Media Group was quick to adopt this new option within their live programming to spark conversation on air.



Native Reddit Polls

Tagboard is thrilled to partner with Reddit to offer access to visualize Reddit Polls for the first time anywhere. Known for its opinion-based content, Reddit rolled out polls earlier this year. The polls limit the barrier to get started on Reddit to just one click, and make it easier than ever for redditors to contribute to their favorite communities. With Tagboard, this opens up opportunities to tap into visualizing data never available before.

Taking the poll results outside of Reddit using Tagboard allows producers to incorporate the views of a diverse audience who they know has interest in their particular subject matter. Customization options also ensure the visual fits the branding of the rest of their programming.

Kicking off another animated debate within the show, NFL Media Group took to Reddit to incorporate audience reactions to the recently released NFL Top 100 list. (They offered a masterclass in interactive programming here, using a QR code to easily direct viewers to the poll itself.)


Hashtag Polls

While native network polls offer a snapshot view of your community sentiment, Hashtag Polling allows you to cast an even wider net to track the overall social conversation across multiple networks. 

Hashtag Polls work by inviting your audience to use a specific hashtag to cast a vote or share their opinion. So in addition to the poll, hashtag polls have the bonus side effect of broadening the reach of your campaign on social media as fans and viewers post to their own audiences. (Why is this important? According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers say they trust “word of mouth” recommendations more than branded content.) 

The Hashtag Poll builder within Tagboard offers a plethora of visualizations to fit any production setup or branding. 

 Hashtag Poll


In TLC’s recent smash-hit program, #FindLoveLive, the audience played a direct role in the action on screen as they voted for who should move on in the dating competition in a head-to-head hashtag poll. This activation gave viewers an instant payoff for participating and bolstered the reach of the show by generating thousands of organic posts on social media.


Find Love Live Hashtag Poll



In some cases where you want to make polling options more open or track a large number of options, creating a hashtag for every unique option can complicate or overwhelm the audience. Enter Leaderboard. Tagboard’s Leaderboard allows you to centralize the call to action in one hashtag, and then among posts that use that hashtag, track an infinite number of additional keywords.

The Minnesota Vikings used Leaderboard to bring fan voices into their NFL Draft coverage. They used the call to action #VikingsDraft, and then opened it up to fans to chime in on which position the Vikings should target in the next round.



Whether you’re looking for the general pulse of the nation to drive conversation on air or a direct vote that determines the outcome of your campaign, polling offers a unique interactive element with a low barrier to entry. With Tagboard’s enhanced suite of social polling options, you can connect with your audience wherever they are.

Want to learn more or get started today? Email us as success@tagboard.com or reach out on Twitter @Tagboard!