Getting #Minnesocial with the Vikings: How to Transform Your Broadcast into an Interactive Conversation

Getting #Minnesocial with the Vikings- How to Transform Your Broadcast into an Interactive Conversation

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Start a United Conversation

The first step to creating an interactive broadcast is to unite the conversation through a clear call to action on the broadcast and through your own social channels. You need an easy way to discover content from your audience, and your audience needs to know how to participate.

Call to action messaging on the ticker

Heatmap visualization showing the global conversation

Let Viewers Drive the Conversation

How many times have you been watching a game or show and wanted to ask the announcers about something that just happened or wanted to hear their opinion on something else? Chances are other viewers have the same questions too, and if the broadcast isn’t built interactive, they’re going to miss out on valuable content that the viewers want to see and hear.


Add Personality to Your Story

In a traditional broadcast, you’ll typically only see the story unfold through the lens of the broadcast cameras; a few different perspectives. But what about the fan’s perspective around the stadium? What about the view from the team sideline? In today’s day and age, everyone has a camera in their pocket, and everyone has a slightly different story to tell, so why not combine it all?

Snapchat from the Vikings’ Story featured after a big defensive play

Snapchat from the faithful Vikings fans who traveled out to the game