Forbes Under 30 Summit goes interactive with Tagboard

Top young leaders, founders, and creators gathered in Cleveland for the 2023 Forbes Under 30 Summit in October. Thousands attended the experiential event in person, while many more watched via the Forbes live stream. One of the key objectives for the year was to provide attendees and remote viewers with a more immersive experience, and that’s where Tagboard came into play. Forbes harnessed Tagboard’s interactive features, which include real-time social engagement, audience polling, and broadcast graphics, to place the audience at the forefront of the event.

The platform was a great, dynamic element of the event that brings in the energy of a live setting and urgency of these hyper relevant conversations about business, entrepreneurship, and social issues.

Brett Cohen – Forbes Executive Director, Production and Partner Experience

Brett Cohen, Forbes Executive Director of Production and Partner Experience, shared his thoughts on Tagboard’s impact, stating, “Tagboard brought the social conversation to the forefront of our event and allowed us to encourage both in-person and virtual attendees to engage with our content in real-time and participate in deeper conversations.” Cohen added, “The platform was a dynamic and integral element of the event, injecting the energy of a live setting and the urgency of these highly relevant discussions about business, entrepreneurship, and social issues. Tagboard’s tools were user-friendly, and the team collaborated seamlessly with our key production personnel, integrating smoothly into our existing workflows.”

Tagboard and vMix interactive live stream

Leading the technical side of the production was Forbes’ Technical Director, Ryan Durieux, who operated behind the scenes and utilized a combination of vMix and Tagboard for the live stream.

“Working with Tagboard’s Producer product could not have been easier to use with vMix. vMix allows you to pull in multiple browser sources without the need for additional hardware. Tagboard’s web-based UI allowed us to simply pull in several different graphics looks that included alpha channels to incorporate into our live broadcast.”

While those attending in person could view the content on two large screens above the stage, the remote audience could stay engaged with the social conversation through a live ticker during prominent interviews, featuring guests like Kendall Jenner and Machine Gun Kelly.

Tagboard played a central role in the Forbes Under 30 production, and Durieux and his team felt confident using the product for the first time, thanks to support from the Tagboard customer success team.

“Amber from Tagboard’s Services Team was absolutely amazing to work with. She provided suggestions that helped fine tune our graphics package and was quick to implement any changes or/updates we had. Amber was personable and excited about building our event with us,” concluded Durieux.

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