The Famous Group and Tagboard launch strategic partnership to create the next reality for the audience experience

As first reported by Sports Business Journal this morning, two best in class companies in sports and entertainment are partnering to deliver the easiest workflow in the industry for dynamic 3D visuals used in live programming. Our Emmy-nominated cloud graphics workflow will now power real-time data sets into The Famous Group’s (TFG) award-winning creative visuals. The powerful technology marriage uses a combination of foundational technologies through AWS and the Unreal Engine to craft and deliver immersive events, activations, and solutions for the most prominent brands in news, sports, and entertainment.

Native integration provides seamless workflow

As the media industry continues to evolve and consolidate the sports leagues, teams, and broadcasters need better technology to push the boundaries and create innovative content at scale, without sacrificing quality or quantity of output. In partnership with The Famous Group we are taking best-in-class technologies and delivering them at a fraction of the cost of massive hardware systems, delivering a workflow that any producer can use, with an output that rivals a Hollywood blockbuster film. Starting today, the two of us will release a completely native integration that joins The Famous Group’s award-winning interactive technologies to bring the best audience experiences into live events across the world.

“Our team is constantly looking to create first-of-its-kind solutions for our partners that push the limits of technological capabilities,” says Jon Slusser, owner and partner of The Famous Group. “Our partnership with Tagboard presents an exciting opportunity for teams, organizations, and brands to find new ways to engage audiences and create unique experiences at their marquee events. We are delighted to work together with Tagboard to innovate and produce extraordinary experiences that make viewers feel like they’re not just watching the event – they’re a part of it.”

Mixing speed with shine

With the Tagboard cloud production platform teams gain direct access to real-time content and can publish it live on any screen – instantly. With this new integration, our graphics are now sent directly to a 3D output – built and customized by The Famous Group’s award-winning creative services team. The partnership arms production teams with the fastest cloud-based solution in the industry for filtering and featuring social media content and then displaying it with ease in a custom 3D environment powered by the Unreal Engine – all in a matter of seconds, with little to no hardware required.

Complex data sets and 3D technology have existed for some time, but the user experience to combine and produce these outputs is archaic. We pride ourselves on removing obstacles for production teams so they can dream big and provide unforgettable experiences for their audiences. Our partnership with The Famous Group allows us to seamlessly expand our industry-leading data graphics platform into 3D outputs and pioneer new realities for the fan experience.

The partnership introduces a native integration within each platform to create a cohesive ecosystem that allows for a seamless user experience. This lends itself to a stress-free workflow as clients operate in real-time and leverage additional features offered by each company. For The Famous Group that can include access to their Vixi Live proprietary video streaming technology, and for us that includes year-round access to their cloud production studio used by producers to power graphics on broadcast from anywhere in the world.

To learn more about this strategic partnership with The Famous Group, and how our platform can help power your content production, click the button below to connect with our team.

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