Tagboard Launches Next-Generation Graphics Ushering in New Era of Efficiency, Monetization, and AI for Media and Entertainment

Platform upgrades bolstered by AWS and Adobe technology features Fanatics Shoppable Graphics, pick-and-click Sportradar data graphics, and more

Today, Tagboard, a dynamic cloud graphics platform used to produce over 250,000 shows last year across US news, sports, and entertainment, reveals its next-generation components empowering everyone from creators to enterprise broadcast producers with dynamic visuals generated in seconds, with no code required. The platform’s major upgrades utilize a combination of Adobe and AWS technologies feeding into an intuitive interface mirroring the ease of social network content creation, now lined with the most powerful sources of data in the world, including Sportradar, Fanatics, X, Twitch, and more, for rich storytelling and monetization. As part of an innovative Shoppable Graphics push with AWS Media & Entertainment, Tagboard plans to offer a limited number of trials with AWS Marketplace, while also revealing an early preview and sign-up queue for its Gen AI companion, at NAB 2024.

With the introduction of Gen AI, Tagboard will become the ultimate associate producer and enable entirely new types of content.

Christine Chalk – Chief Product Officer, tagboard

The company’s new features are now available to its 500+ media clients, many of whom used early stages to produce shows in the second half of 2023 while products were released in alpha and beta modes. With the platform used to help 3x the amount of content produced by a single person, and as much as 100x revenue generation for media partners, it’s the industry’s fastest-growing creation platform and perhaps best kept secret.

“With the rapid consolidation across this industry, comes a real need to evolve faster” – Tagboard CEO, Nathan Peterson explained  “We’ve been fortunate to collaborate with a number of the industry’s forward-thinking cloud technology companies and data providers to solve for the two greatest needs – net new revenue streams and operational efficiency”.

Here’s a summary of what’s new with next-gen graphics, featured live at NAB by appointment only:

Tagboard Platform:

  • Intuitive global navigation system for even more efficient creation, team collaboration, asset management, and more
  • Faster, more efficient, and consistent reliability through AWS 
  • Ability to purchase through AWS Marketplace 
  • Tagboard Gen AI (preview at NAB 2024)

Tagboard Creator

Where a graphic designer and/or team can create dynamic visuals in seconds, no complexities & no code:

  • Click & upload Adobe Import to cut graphic build times by 90%
  • Introducing Tagboard’s Template Library to fast-track creation with broadcast quality:
    • Traditional Graphics (lower thirds, tickers, bugs, etc)
    • Vertical Graphics (TikTok, IG Live, etc) 
    • Ad units 
    • Graphics with live data feeds
    • Polls & Trivia
  • Tagboard’s new App Marketplace gives you Interactive API connectors, without the code! Data sources now include:
    • Interactive API Connectors:
      • Sportradar NBA (API Key Required) 
      • Sportradar NHL (API Key Required) 
      • Google Sheets for easy JSON: Works with SMT and StatsOpta Feeds
      • X (Post and Polls) 
      • Social Heatmaps
      • SMS Messaging via HeyMarket
      • Social Imports – X, Meta (IG, FB), TikTok, Reddit, Twitch, YouTube
      • Direct Photo Upload
    • Interactive Poll Creator
      • Trivia/Quiz
      • Predictions
      • Voting & Gamify
  • QR design and creation to unlock Tagboard QR Network and analytics through shows & segments
  • Shoppable graphics templates for contextual monetization within Tagboard Producer and Media products
  • Video insertion for Ad Units and B-Roll

Tagboard Producer

Where creators, gameday producers, and broadcast producers use drag-and-drop workflows to unlock a new speed of production:

  • Inline editing of graphic layers allows for on the fly iteration without the need to rely on other team members for help
  • Set it and forget it for automated shows and segments displayed on video boards of all shapes and sizes
  • Hot keys and triggers to streamline production tasks and take control of connected screens from any location
  • Unlimited outputs to push live displays onto any number of connected screens no matter the size, shape, or location

Tagboard Media

Where marketing and sales can now harness the power of Tagboard’s ready-made ad units, interactive sponsorships, and contextual merchandising – all connected to a robust QR Network of real-time data points for immediate feedback and optimization of your show’s revenue streams over time.

“We continue to prioritize user experience; from experts to interns, our aim is to elevate productions for all abilities, make the process effortless, and operable from anywhere,” Christine Chalk, Tagboard’s Chief Product Officer. “With the introduction of Gen AI, Tagboard will become the ultimate associate producer and enable entirely new types of content”. 

Through its AWS relationship, Tagboard selected Ollion as their professional services partner to advance AI and Shoppable Graphics, with new sources shipping in the coming months. The two companies believe in their combined power and capabilities to shape innovation in the industry through the latest AWS technologies.

Where to find Tagboard at NAB:

SiriusXM Studio, Wynn Las Vegas – Monday April 15th, between 10-4pm:Secure one of the final seats at Tagboard’s Next-Gen Graphics exclusive product launch event at NAB. Enter the experience and walk away with the first look at no-code live data displays, shoppable graphics for net new revenue.

AWS Partner Zone (Booth: W1149 West Hall) – Monday April 15th from 3:15-4pm: Participate in hands-on workshops at the AWS Learning Lounge. Our Chief Product Officer, Christine Chalk, will be showing how to drive new revenue streams with intuitive workflows and cloud graphics. 

Grabyo (Booth: W1149 West Hall): In addition to showing off live production, AI highlights, and monetization features, Grabyo will be showcasing Tagboard’s interactive graphics overlays in their booth demos.

LiveU (Booth: SL5105 South Hall): Along with showcasing the power of IP-video and the LiveU Ecosystem, LiveU will be integrating Tagboard’s dynamic graphics into their Studio booth demos.

FingerWorks Telestrators (Booth: SL10047): While showcasing updates to their Computer Vision real-time player and field-tracking software, FingerWorks will also be highlighting an improved Tagboard control surface within their system.