Tagboard announces App Marketplace at NBA Launchpad; creates codeless ecosystem for production teams & data providers

As first reported by Sports Business Journal following our presentation at NBA Launchpad Demo Day in Las Vegas, we just launched an App Marketplace – a centralized ecosystem where producers can shop, select, and integrate new production tools into their workflows – with no code or engineering support required. 

This release comes off the heels of recent integrations with Adobe, AWS, and The Famous Group – integrations that support game-changing cloud graphics workflows. Now we’re introducing another solution to what we see as the biggest barrier facing media companies who want to supercharge their content output: producer-friendly workflows.

Broadcast media production is not moving fast enough. As companies look for ways to scale content output, they can’t afford to have workflows that require specialists who understand the breakdown of complex data API’s – just to get an accurate scorecard on air. It’s too slow, and it’s too expensive. We believe the production workflow should be as easy as an app store. So that’s exactly what we built.

The release of the marketplace comes at the culmination of a six-month R&D project as part of NBA Launchpad – an initiative to source, evaluate and pilot emerging technologies that advance the NBA’s top priorities on and off the court. While the launch of the App Marketplace enables all types of media technologies to integrate directly into the workflows of Tagboard’s 500+ media clients, the headlining new integration is heavily focused on data providers – with Sportradar leading the charge. Whether they want to lean on ready-made templates, or create their own from scratch, production teams across sports leagues and media networks now have quick access to every relevant data point they could need for displaying score bugs, player profiles, stats overlays, and more. 

In addition to Sportradar and the billions of data points they collect and insights they share, our App Marketplace hosts many data connectors, including Google Sheets and their advanced API that allows teams to import dynamic content from any source. Whether the data is sports, news, or entertainment-focused, every integration included in the App Marketplace was overseen by our SVP of Product and Strategy Christine Chalk – a former Emmy-award winning producer – who now builds solutions for the next wave of Emmy-winning producers.

As the project reached completion Christine summarized it best when she said “while we may not be the first company to bring live data into a graphic, we are the first company to do it in a way that enables production teams to 3x their content output”. As production data gets more and more complex with the introduction of AI and live betting, it’s on graphics companies to build backend technology that handles the coding so producers can stay focused on storytelling.

Our patented social and graphics technologies will also play a central role in the marketplace allowing a producer to tap into a wide range of real-time integrations with Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Reddit, as well as advanced graphics tools including Adobe Photoshop, The Famous Group, RSS feeds, and more.

If you’re curious about any of these advanced integrations, just click below to explore the App Marketplace.

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