Production on the Fly: What Happens When Things Change in Real-Time?

Last week, our Director of Production, Christine Borrmann and I hosted a webinar.

Well…we were supposed to host a webinar. That morning, we said to ourselves, “Hey, we’re hosting a webinar, using traditional, clunky webinar software, about how our production software works great with broadcast and live streaming workflows to do basically the same thing. This feels wrong!”

So, an hour before the webinar, we called an audible and did three things:

  1. Set up a Facebook Live.

Then, we got to work.

To be honest, it was better than I could have hoped for. Tagboard integrates seamlessly with our live-stream partners, and importing any content or graphics, mixing in social and video, and editing on the fly is a breeze. By pairing Tagboard with Switcher Studio, we honestly wound up with a better production than we ever would have using webinar software.

On top of that, we reached hundreds of people that we wouldn’t have with a webinar.

I know that sounds like an add for Tagboard, but it’s really an add for live streaming in general. It’s so easy, and gives you the opportunity to meet your audience where they already are.

It was the ultimate exercise in drinking our own Koolaid. You can watch the entire thing here:

So what did I learn from this experience?

  1. Production software that allows you to make simple edits to your content can save you time rendering, downloading, uploading, re-tooling, etc. saving graphics editors and producers hours on each production.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Tagboard and our partners can help with your live stream or broadcast, visit to get in touch.