NFL Combine meets Tagboard’s cloud production studio

Charley Casserly using a stopwatch at the NFL Combine – NFL Network

The NFL Combine is taking over Indianapolis this week, giving NFL teams and fans a look at the strength, size, and speed of the 2023 draft class. The athletes will be put through a series of tests and interviews, but the one drill that always captures everyone’s attention is the 40-yard dash. Whether it’s cars, athletes, or technology, we all have a need for speed. So with a nod to the NFL Combine, and capturing the attention of an audience, we invited our team to showcase how fast they can get a social post from online to on-air.

Editor Note: We don’t have the same budget as the NFL, so instead of using a laser system to capture official times we went with the highly accurate method of using the stopwatch app on an iPhone. We had multiple judges record the times and then took the average of all results to decide the official timing.

Official online to on-air results

Michael Dixon: 3.08 seconds

Analyst Breakdown: Watch out CJ2k, MD3 has entered the chat, with a blazing time of 3.08 seconds. With a background in gaming, this didn’t come as a total surprise, but was still mind blowing to witness. We agree with Michael’s comments in the video, “no one is beating that”.

Christine Chalk: 4.35 seconds

Analyst Breakdown: Clearly someone who has spent countless hours using the product, and probably has a few Emmy awards to her name. There wasn’t a wasted click of the cursor, or a single misstep with the mouse. Truly impressive stuff, and a skillset that could be repeated time and time again.

Sky Muller: 5.11 seconds

Analyst Breakdown: You would have thought the creator of the game would score higher, but a fear of making a mistake seems to hold the cursor back by a fraction of a second with each movement. Lacks quick twitch skillset, nearly forgot a step, and was slowed by marginal decision making on the fly.

Justin Brumley: 5.94 seconds

Analyst Breakdown: You have to respect the move to choose a different path than the rest of the field. At first blush you think there is no way feature by URL can match using the Tagboard Curate button, but Justin showed versatility and scores well for originality. One judge did question the validity of the video, arguing it may be played at 120%, but ultimately the panel decided to approve the submission and the time counts.

Alex Pope: 11.1 seconds

Analyst Breakdown: Still well ahead of industry standard, and we know Alex could cut this time in half with a few tweaks to the workflow. A lack of hotkeys to switch between tabs, the asset library being in the wrong Tagboard, and almost forgetting to click the post before going live slowed things a bit, but Alex’s game tape speaks for itself and shows sub 5 abilities when the pressure is really on during the chaos of a live production.

Show us your social to screen skills

We know our Tagboard Champions who are featuring content on a daily basis can probably show our team a thing or two, and have developed some speedy workflows. If you want to showoff, we’d love to see your videos in the thread on Twitter or comments on LinkedIn. Here are the ground rules:

Objective: See how fast you can feature a post and send it live in Tagboard Producer

– Can use any method to feature
– If using Chrome Extension, the cursor has to be far enough away from the post so that the blue feature button isn’t up before you start
– Can have a Display Theme already on your playlist, but it has to be empty and can’t be clicked live
– Can be on Tagboard tab in asset library, but can’t have the Tagboard you’re featuring to already opened
– Clock stops as soon as the Live button turns red
Hint: Control + Tab is the hotkey to switch between tabs on browser

Looking to get content on-air in under 5 seconds?