Internal Communications in a Remote World

As companies around the world embrace the new normal of remote work, they must also embrace new methods of internal communication and employee engagement. Despite the physical distance between employees, their desire to connect and feel like a part of the company has never been stronger.

Digital mediums that give employees a voice and provide entertainment create this feeling of connectedness and belonging, while also generating positive word-of-mouth marketing. To help companies with this transition, we’ve brainstormed a few simple ideas that will engage employees and bring the company together.

Digital Company Events

While in-person events remain restricted, virtual event platforms provide an opportunity to create entertaining and informative experiences for the whole company, or individual teams.

Whether it’s a town hall meeting, training session, or a team-bonding cooking class, think about ways to make the event more interactive and engaging for those participating, and outfit the show with custom graphics to make it look professional.

In a town hall setting, companies could take customer questions for the CEO or manager from social media, comments on the livestream, or even off of an internal messaging platform like 15Five or Slack to keep employee questions anonymous. Regardless of the source, event producers can use Tagboard Graphics and Tagboard Producer to display the questions as they’re answered.

For training sessions or team-bonding events, put the focus on employees and encourage them to share their experience on social media. Provide a form of entertainment like a live DJ ahead of the event and incorporate employee content into the livestream to get them involved.

BeautyCounter Virtual Event Live Stream

Rodan + Fields laid out a blueprint for an interactive company event during their recent #RFConvention, engaging consultants through social media displays and congratulatory graphics for their accomplishments.

Rodan + Fields Virtual Convention Social Feed
Rodan + Fields Virtual Convention Graphics

Online Social Hub

For more of an “always-on” approach, company websites can provide the perfect central digital location for news, updates, and year-round employee engagement campaigns. Whether it’s an internal or external facing site, Tagboard Digital Experiences enable wide-reaching communication through the use of social media content.

In its simplest form, embedding user feeds that pull in content from company-owned channels onto a company intranet home page helps employees stay up to date on organization events and initiatives. The same approach could be used on an external site to help inform visitors, recruit potential employees, and drive traffic to company social channels just as Progrexion does on their careers page.

Progrexion Careers Social Embed

Taking it one step further and putting the focus on employees themselves, companies like Microsoft incorporate employee content within their site to showcase company culture, generate positive word-of-mouth marketing, and better connect the company as a whole.

Microsoft Employee Social Content on Website

To encourage more engagement on campaigns like these and develop positive affinity among staff members, provide physical or digital company swag for them to use in their social posts, and consider creating a social contest that rewards employees who participate with gift cards or additional company gear.

Always on Office or Campus Signage

Golf Channel Internal Communication through office screens

Though many offices remain closed or open with limited capacity because of COVID-19, they will eventually reopen and those operating under restrictions need communication channels that both ensure safety and keep morale high throughout this challenging time.

The Tagboard platform enables this complex communication through a rotation of messages in the form of graphics, videos, and social content, and digital signage across the campus provides a great channel to those onsite. Combine the positive social content already being generated from company events and online campaigns, with safety guidelines and promotional graphics using Smart Panels to keep the morale high while keeping staff protected.

Example COVID-19 Safety Messaging

While employees may not be physically together like we’ve grown accustomed to, businesses can still connect and engage their staff digitally using cloud-based technology like Tagboard.

Beyond the current pandemic, these concepts will continue to help companies everywhere unite their employees and streamline communication.

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