How Global Citizen Live Used Tagboard to Spark Conversation Heard Around the World

Global Citizen Live Tagboard Case Study

Global Citizen Live October 20, 2021 – Following a one-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Global Citizen’s annual campaign was back in full force in 2021. Over $1.1 billion dollars were pledged to defeat poverty, alongside plans to plant 157 million trees and deliver over 60 million COVID vaccines worldwide. 

These commitments were announced at Global Citizen’s campaign celebration, Global Citizen Live (GCL). GCL was a 24-hour globally broadcasted event aimed to unite the world and achieve the organization’s two main goals: defend the planet and defeat poverty. 

For the first time ever, the Global Citizen concerts took place across 6 continents. The streaming broadcast featured top artists, celebrities and world leaders coming together to create change, impact the climate and strike down poverty. 

The challenge Global Citizen faced was how to lead a meaningful conversation worldwide. That, is where Tagboard came in. 

“The team at Tagboard truly had both the product background and the specific social knowledge to help us find the right balance. We wanted the prompts to work for a social audience, but they also had to fit into the messaging of the broadcast show. We really appreciated how deeply they understood the social landscape and how closely they worked to help us find a happy middle ground between our various goals with these posts.” 

Simon Moss, Global Citizen Co-Founder
Global Citizen Live used Tagboard to highlight a global conversation in languages used around the world. Viewers used their voices, elevated by Tagboard, to push for concrete change, both to defend the planet and to defeat poverty.

The Execution:

Tagboard helped to call on citizens all over the world and integrated their voices directly into the 24-hour live stream. With performances from Lagos, London, Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul and Sydney, Tagboard helped start conversations that sparked change in every country featured to create a global conversation during the live multilingual broadcast. 

Through a combination of real-time social posts from fans, performing artists, and politicians, QR Codes to directly activate concert attendees, Twitter polls, live global heat maps and more, Tagboard seamlessly brought in these voices to the Global Citizen production NYC nerve center and helped achieve a new level of audience engagement. 

“Because of Tagboard, our audience engagement wasn’t exclusively focused on the artists in the show — we actually saw our audience engaging directly with GCL’s policy goals and sharing their thoughts with their own communities.”

Julia Fawal, Global Citizen Social Director

Threading citizens’ voices into the fabric of the event for the first time ever made the Tagboard + Global Citizen partnership an innovative force amplifying the message that we can all contribute to the goals of defeating poverty, defending the planet, and demanding equity.

“Tagboard helped us truly drive meaningful conversation about Global Citizen Live and our core policy goals for the campaign. When we decided to live-tweet for an entire 24 hour show, we knew that it was important to make sure that the mission of the festival was at the forefront of our messaging. Tagboard helped us truly actualize that goal. We were able to prompt our audience to think more deeply about the ideas presented in the show, and it made the broadcast and our social presence feel more united.”

Simon Moss, Global Citizen Co-Founder
Global Citizen Live truly was a world-wide conversation. As viewers engaged with the broadcast, Tagboard was able to illustrate how the conversation moved around the world using heat maps that changed and evolved over the 24 hour streaming period.

The Results:

Tagboard Elements Used for Global Citizen Live: 

  • 24 real-time social hits over 24 hours
  • 16+ QR code hits (both in venue & on broadcast)
  • 360+ social posts featured
  • 5 heatmaps live on the broadcast
  • 2 Twitter polls live on the broadcast

Analytics for Global Citizen Live Hashtag #GlobalCitizenLive:

  • Volume: 1.52M
  • Unique authors: 474.85K
  • Engagements (includes public interactions e.g. likes, comments, shares): 7.72M
  • Potential impressions: 6.06B
Tagboard didn’t just elevate viewer’s voices during the 24-hour broadcast, but created specific call to actions to spark concrete changes through Twitter Polls and social call outs. The substance in the conversation and immediate reaction from viewers is what made the Tagboard + Global Citizen Live partnership so unique and effective.

What Global Citizen is saying about Tagboard: 

“Tagboard helped us really tie together our social and the Global Citizen Live broadcast. For past broadcasts, we experienced a slight disconnect between the engagement we saw on social and the show itself, and that was not the case this time. We were able to tie our conversations directly to the content of the broadcast, and seeing them appear on screen really added an extra level of encouragement to get our audience to participate. It made the entire show feel like one united global moment, a moment everyone was talking about and wanted to be a part of. That was our goal for the campaign, and Tagboard helped us make it happen.”

Simon Moss, Global Citizen Co-Founder

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