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Packages include:

  • An intuitive drag & drop production suite
  • Instant access to real-time social media content
  • Custom cloud-based graphics
  • A dedicated team of producers to support you

Slide Catherine Chan-Smith
Global Creative Director, NFL Media
“Tagboard was something we leaned into especially from a graphics perspective. The platform is so user friendly, and it’s not too complex and it allowed us to really just stretch it as far as we can. We had always been using the social integration components, but we were able to grow that relationship too, and leverage different tools to make production seamless.”
Slide Gustavo R. Granados
Vice President Revenue Strategy & Innovation, Telemundo
“Tagboard technology is quick and easy to implement. It’s made our production process more efficient for social graphics. The moderation tools have made it possible for our show producers to feature real-time social commentary within seconds."
Slide Scott Kegley
Executive Director, Digital Media & Innovation Minnesota Vikings
“We were able to produce the show 100% remotely with multiple guests joining throughout the show. We featured fan questions and comments, polls and a scrolling ticker with fan tweets, as well as custom graphics each time a pick was announced. Tagboard consolidated our workflow and allowed for a more seamless integration with our broadcast software.”
Slide Nate Loucks
Vice President Production and Strategy, WWE
“It’s all about the conversation with our fans, whether it be through watch-alongs, whether it be through things like The Bump, where we utilize Tagboard to bring them into that conversation. We found that, some of that stuff, maybe we would have only reserved for a live event. We found more opportunities to create these tentpole events that didn't exist before the pandemic."
Slide Dan Cho
Vice President of Social & Digital Marketing, WarnerMedia
“One of the things that we figured out with Tagboard is, let's make this show interactive. Let's give them a reason to tune in at a specific time. It's a little bit of a task, but we want people to give their opinions and feel like they have a voice in the show.”

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