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Transform real-time event and attendee content from the world’s top social media channels, into highly engaging in-venue, web, and mobile displays, in seconds.

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It’s quick and easy to engage your attendees and extend your event beyond the venue using social displays.

  • Safely select your favorite posts.

    Our tools are designed to make it super simple for you to select which pieces of content you want to showcase.

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Tagboard designed the perfect tool set for event producers to bring social media campaigns to life!

Multiple social media display layouts

We have multiple engaging layouts to help you tell your story or aggregate feedback in the form of content. Our layouts work great to engage your audience through web, mobile, and social media walls.

Comprehensive content dashboard.

Quickly search and access content from every major social network (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Periscope, Snapchat, and more).

Content management & safe social moderation.

Control what you want to promote live to your screens, respect FCC guidelines, filter by geo and keywords, and block negative content or foul language.

Capture consent

Need to ask for special permission to use user generated posts to promote your campaign? We have the tools to easily make that happen.

Engaging social data displays.

Engage your attendees through social polling, hashtag battles, and social heatmaps to tell your brand campaign story.

Brand customization options.

We will design your social media displays to match the look and feel of your event, or design it to include your partners in sponsored displays.

Revenue-generating displays.

Generate revenue with your social displays by partnering with Tagboard to bring a sponsored campaign to life through branded graphics and interstitial display advertisements (optional).

Embeds and APIs.

Complete your 360-degree social experience by showcasing your social displays to your website, mobile app, Facebook page, and more with a simple snippet of code. Or work with our API to design for TV screens, billboards, on-air graphics systems, or web and mobile.

Live social to all screens.

All the rage is in live video with Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, and Snapchat! We will help you strategize on how to bring that content to life at your event, through any screen.

Campaign insights.

Show your clients ROI on their Tagboard campaign with a campaign wrap-up report, including cross-network volume, reach, and more.

Dedicated, expert support.

Our award-winning brand, digital, and social media experts will be your right hand in creating and executing a strategy to get innovative ideas in front of your clients. You are our partner; this is going to be fun!

Caleb Thompson

Social media & event expert with globally trending campaigns

Bryce Dickerson

Live events expert with thousands of activations executed

Matt Brown

Social marketing & event expert with globally trending campaigns

Our innovative partners are leading the way.

“Using Tagboard at our events has really increased excitement and social engagement for our guests. Seeing their posts on EMP’s giant LED Sky Church screen elicits a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ — I particularly love it when people get into ‘meta-Tagboard mode’ taking a photo of one of their posts already on the Tagboard, then posting that photo and seeing it go live.”

Amie Simon
Social Media + Promotions Producer, MOPOP

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