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Tagboard was founded in 2011 to help strengthen community. Our headquarters are located in Redmond, Washington, USA, and we have offices around the globe.

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Our mission.

We [still] have an information overload problem

Who is going to make sense of all this data we are creating? While everyone else is busy making algorithms to solve information overload, we’re on a mission to make the world’s best human-powered solutions.

At Tagboard, we believe authentic communities, and the people that help lead them, are the key to solving… well, most everything. Passionate communities of like-minded people can turn the world upside down, especially when given the right tools.

We’re building a world-class software platform to make the creation and growth of communities as easy as possible. We want to create a world where the intangible economies of trust, respect, and loyalty that exist within community are better understood and more accessible.

Tagboard at a glance.

Tagboard is the world’s premier social search and display platform. Used globally by thousands of brands, sporting teams, and media companies, Tagboard is the easiest way to discover social media and quickly share it to connect audiences across websites, mobile apps, large-format displays, and live broadcasts.


Our story.

In late 2010, Josh Decker had an idea to help improve the experience of his thriving community forums on QuattroWorld.com. The forums were using older software that was rigid and required a standard forum > thread > post architecture, which made for a poor experience for anyone wanting to discuss a topic that may possibly apply to multiple forums or threads.

The idea was simple: allow users to add tags to their posts, which would then be “pulled” by any forum thread set to aggregate one of those tags. And if it worked on a single site, why couldn't it also work across multiple websites? And if it could aggregate forum post, why couldn't it also do so with social media—or any media, for that matter?

Tagboard launched a prototype built by Sean Sperte as public beta August 2012 after months of research and brainstorming. Shortly thereafter Jenni Hogan joined the team to help take Tagboard to the world.

Our leadership team.

Josh Decker

Founder, CEO

Larry Buycks


Jordan Larrigan


Eric Lee

VP Finance & Operations, International

Nathan Peterson

SVP Sales & Marketing

Tyler Singletary

SVP Product & Platform

Brielle Perry

VP Business Development